The SAM and ME Project. Christmas Giveaway

Soul-Fully Beautiful, So Long Sociopath and Mommie Miracles have come together to sponsor a family for Christmas. This has been something I have had on my heart and mind for awhile now. For years I scraped by with nothing more than faith and a prayer, the worst of those times were the Holiday’s. One of... Continue Reading →


Leveling Up. From Abusive Relationships to a Beautiful Life.

“I have a lot of good people standing for me, I want to be someone worth standing up for.” I said this shortly after the investigation by the Army into my Ex began and I meant every word. Three years ago… I began writing this blog... three years ago. The girl I was then was... Continue Reading →

The Reality Of Whistle Blowing

I recently read an article about “whistle blowing”, it was a great article, however it was not entirely accurate. It mostly talked about the downside of being the person who exposes the Narcissist or Sociopath. I have experienced the downside but the upside has been so much more rewarding.   It was not just my... Continue Reading →

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